Privacy Policy

Vastra Apparels is an e-commerce website that allows vendors from different parts of the country to come and sell their goods. The company itself has their own terms and conditions and advise others who are either going to take or use their service to make themselves acquainted to them. The terms and conditions are published on the website of the company and as per the rules set the company Vastra Apparels is deemed to take actions whenever necessary. If any changes are done to the terms and conditions followed by the company then the same will be updated on the website. The customers buying goods from Vastra Apparels and also the vendors selling their goods are recommended to check this page time and again to keep thyself updated of the modifications. The company takes no responsibility if an individual fails to follow the terms and conditions due to lack of knowledge.


The terms and conditions include the following:-

  1. Applicable for all – As it can be noticed that both men’s and women’s garments are sold on this website therefore it should be noted that the terms and conditions mentioned on this page are not applicable solely for the men but also applicable in the same way for the women.

  2. Applicable for sellers – As per the terms and conditions of the company the seller need to register details with Vastra Apparels before getting permission to sell goods through this website. As the information both personal and professional being submitted to the company are assumed to be 100% correct the company reserves the right to take action against a seller and stop his activity on the website if any of the information supplied by him/her is found to be false at any point of time. The company believes that the seller is genuine one who sells good quality items. If found otherwise the company will take necessary actions.

  3. Security of data – Vastra Apparels takes full responsibility of the data collected by them about the sellers and buyers through the website. It is assured that the data collected is guarded with highest possible security system available in market. The data is for having better knowledge about the people with whom the company is working will not be misused to harm any individual.

  4. Applicable for customers from all over the world – As Vastra Apparels have expanded their business and is not selling goods all over the world therefore it should be noted that the terms and conditions mentioned are applicable for all customers and vendors irrespective of where they hail from.

  5. Action against the seller/ vendor – Vastra Apparels has earned high reputation in the market for their experience and efficiency with which they have served the customers. Therefore if due to any reason a customer gets damaged goods from the company while he/she had booked the item/s over the website of Vastra Apparels then the company reserves the right to suspend the vendor from using Vastra Apparels to sell goods in future.