Terms and Conditions

We value the trust you place in Vastra Apparels. This is the reason why we request you to go through these Terms and Conditions carefully. The Terms and Conditions sum up altogether your Privacy, Payments, Fees, Delivery, Promotions, Returns and Refund.

  • Users visiting or registering with the website must be 18 years of age or older, or use the company services in any manner. By signing up, using or visiting the website, you hereby represent and permit Vastra Apparels that you are 18 years or older in age, and that you have all the right, capacity and authority to use the services listed on the website, and is abide by the Agreement. On the other hand, if the consumer is below 18 years of age, it is assumed that the user is browsing or using the website under his/her parent or legal guardian supervision and that the legal guardian or parent has go through and agrees with the terms and conditions completely, that includes terms and conditions of purchase of any product listed on the website, on behalf of the minor users. Should Vastra Apparels be made aware that the account is used and processed by a minor without any supervision of his/her legal guardian or parent, Vastra Apparels reserves the right to delete or deactivate such account without any notice further.

  • Vastra Apparels authorises the visitors to view and access the Vastra Apparels content solely for comprising products, carrying out legal purchases of apparels and processing returns and refunds, with accordance to the company’s Return and Refund Policy. Vastra Apparels, therefore, grants it’s users a revocable, limited permission to use and access the services. This limited permission does not in any way, includes permission for carrying out any further resale of the products or commercial use of the Vastra Apparels content and clothing, any use of product description, design or prices, and, any copied or use of the website or of Vastra apparels Content.

  • Account holders or users making any sort of purchases on the website are solely responsible. Vastra Apparels may, collect certain personally identifiable information of the customer, from time to time, only for the purposes of identifying a visiter. The information collected includes user’s first name and last name, mobile phone number, email address, address, demographic profile, other contact information, etc. Registration on the website is one time and the user is responsible to remember the username and password and keep the same confidential. But in any case, if the user misplaces the username and password, same can be change and retrieve using the “forgot username and password” option on the website.

  • The visitors shall assume all liabilities, risks, and consequences if the account has been accessed without authorisation or illegally through means such as internet hacking or unauthorised access. If the purchase of products has been made through the services due to the unauthorized access is borne entirely by the user.

You warrant to Vastra Apparels that you will fulfil all applicable laws, ordinances, statutes and regulations regarding the use of the services and any other activities listed on the website. You further warrant us that you will in any case, not use the website in any way prohibited under applicable law.